The webpage serves as a “catalogue”. The jewellery items on display can be ordered from the artist.

As the first step, customers should send their contact details via the email address given in the Contact menu and they will usually be contacted within one day.

Customers are then provided with information about the price and the preparation time, as well as answers to their enquiries regarding the jewellery and creation. (It usually takes about 3-4 weeks to create a jewellery item. However, shorter deadlines serving individual customer needs can also be considered, depending on the workload).

Jewellery items can exclusively be ordered in written format, after the payment of the deposit. The deposit is 50% of the purchase price.

Customers receive the completed jewellery item hallmarked and wrapped in a gift box, along with the certificate on the agreed date. Payment of the second half of the purchase price is due at this time.