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Original jewellery

The original jewellery items displayed on the website are the works of Zoltán Tóth, a jewellery designer and artist.

The jewellery – which is designed with artistic aspiration and created with fine hand work – is produced in low quantities (completely custom-made or only a few items), by using precious metals (gold, silver).

It is widely considered that Zoltán Tóth uses the special shibayama technique exclusively unmatched in Europe.

During the creation process, he also uses several other old techniques of goldsmiths, such as embossing, chasing or precision casting (lost-wax process).

The jewellery is often created solely to be displayed in exhibitions in galleries and museums.

However, custom-made jewellery design offers the possibility to design the jewellery together with the artist. In this case, through extensive consultation with the customer during the whole design process, the jewellery reaches its final form.