About Zoltán Tóth

My name is Zoltán Tóth, and I am a designer of fine jewellery.

Using both tradition and the 21st century, I design and create personal ornaments for successful people whose fine taste and openness to the world and its many cultures inspire them to wear what is unusual and exceptional.

I graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Budapest (today MOME) in 1998. Since that time, I have been designing jewellery from precious metals (gold and silver) for custom orders, exhibitons, and galleries.

Throughout my work I embody the designer, who plans the objects with an eye for the customer’s wishes; the sculptor, who executes from the draft plan in minute detail; and the jeweller, who understands both traditional and modern technology and the techniques of his trade–the indispensable basics.

No one can just look at my creations. People enjoy picking them up again and again, holding them in their hands, and learning their many facets. Each of my pieces is a recognizable object, definitive, unique, inviting notice, but never ostentatious. The value of these creations goes beyond present space and time.

People have their own cherished stories, which they find reflected in jewellery–whether in a gallery, or in personal ornaments designed especially for them. In the case of the latter, misty thoughts and memories join with the designer’s skill and knowledge to become tangible objects. They frequently mirror the customer’s intimate story more accurately than he or she conceived of it, superseding the imagination.

Often I hear „Yes, this is even better than I imagined it!” or „I could never have envisioned it so well!” Like a child’s Christmas or a birthday surprise, there is a feeling of wishing, hoping for a gift, for the unexpected. What will it be? Then out of the box comes an object that transcends our imagination and simply delights us.