Ring “Planing is Good”

Sunshine. Blue Sky. Sea. Freedom. Passion.

ring with deep yellow citrine and white waves
Planing is good ring

This ring was created for the Erdész Gallery’s “Sailing is good” Exhibition of 2016.

The Creator was inspired for the creation of this piece of jewelry by a highly spectacular element of sailing known as “Planing”. According to the
glossary of Füredi Yachtklub and the sailing club of Lake Velence, “Planing” is “when a sailing boat breaks loose from its bow wave and slides. Lightweight boats are riding slightly on the top of the water during strong winds”.

For the Creator, this moment symbolizes Freedom, Velocity and the Separation from Mediocrity. Mastering such an unconventional environment or rather cooperating with it and utilizing its resources – that is a feeling both indescribable and liberating.

Just like sailing, the materials used in the production of the jewel are combing traditional and high-tech features. Moreover, the use of colors conveys further message.

This ring consists of two highly distinct components: a traditional shank made of sterling silver with a fineness of 925 and a ring head. These two
main units (the shank and the head) are separated and also united by a deep blue Corian prism is symbolizing the waters.

ring with deep yellow citrine and white waves
Planing is good ring

The plain, somewhat massive appearance of the shank does not divert attention from the main message – the white waves, the ship, and the Sun that makes sailing and boating so pleasurable.

ring with deep yellow citrine and white waves
Ring Planing is good

Similarly to sailing, there is something new with the old: the white waves were hand-carved customly from Corian which is an innovative material used by architects. The role of “designing the phenomenon – planing” is fulfilled primarily by the bow of the boat. For this reason, a stylized hull is materialized, focusing on the essence: the bow. The hull of the ship made by plated sterling silver with a fineness of 925 was equipped with an additional functionality by the Creator. Indeed, this characteristic design is also the mounting of a faceted and polished, oval, citrine stone that commemorates the hot July Sun of the Mediterranean.