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Ordering, purchase

The jewellery can be ordered from the designer-artist (; more about ordering) or can be purchased in Gallery Új Castellum (Buda Castle – 1014 Budapest, Úri Street 26-28.), in Gallery Erdész (2000 Szentendre, Bercsényi Street 4.) in Gallery Ezüstgaléria (1126 Budapest, Lisszabon sétány 26.) in Gallery Filter (1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi Street 49).


The prices depend on required preparation time, the quality and the quantity of used materials and the planned number of copies. For the exact price please contact the artist!


„Hallmarks” Each Tóth Zoltán Jewellery is hallmarked:

  • a Assay Authority’s Hallmark – The precious metal content of the jewellery is always proofed by the Assay Authority of the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office. The Authority certifies the material (silver, gold etc.) and it’s fineness (sterling silver, 18K gold, 14K gold) by hallmarking
  • Tóth Zoltán „hallmark” sign – this certifies that the jewellery was made by the artist

„Certificate” – to verify the origin of the jewellery we provide certificate for all masterpieces with the sign of the artist Zoltán Tóth.